Welcome to Protea Playing Cards

Protea Playing Cards has been producing playing cards since 1968 and is the industry benchmark in the production of top quality playing cards.
All our products are manufactured from premium quality materials and every deck is hand checked to ensure fully guaranteed satisfaction!


On the CUSTOMISED PLAYING CARDS side we continue to create playing cards for a wide variety of companies as a means to advertise their products, educate their staff and create awareness on any issues they feel strongly about. There are infinite possibilities with which advertising playing cards can be used. If you can dream it, we can create it and it’s way easier than you might think.

Small orders – from 500 decks upwards – are gladly accepted, as are really long-runs that extend into the tens of thousands. In every instance, you’ll find that our delivery times rank among the best available worldwide!

If you would like to do a special “one off” personalised playing card deck for a special occasion visit our sister site www.pokerfacegifts.co.za


Protea also supplies a wide range of cards to the retail market that can be found in all corners of Southern Africa. Our standard packs are always available ex- stock, as well as a host of different educational decks.

These include:

Poker cards   Canasta sets   Bridge sets   Large index cards
AIDS awareness cards   Safety awareness cards   Truck Driver behaviour cards   Environment cards


Casino Playing Cards

Casino playing cards? Yes, we supply a large number of casinos all over Africa. We can design and produce top quality plastic playing cards and board playing cards for Blackjack, Poker and Punto Banco. Today especially, with global exchange rates favouring trade deals in most currencies against the South African Rand, Protea Playing Cards is able to offer exceptional value for money – without compromising quality!

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us!